The New & Improved

We are currently in the process of updating all aspects of our services.

Now you have the option of using our 2 web players | Player 1 | Player 2 You can also use our dedicated Android/Firestick app that can be found here

We have also updated our VIP membership store. All current non VIP members as well as current VIP members have been imported in to our new system. All current VIP members should already have streaming access.
If you do not or are unsure send us a support ticket.

To access your client area here type in your e-mail address associated with your account.

Then for your password check your e-mail for your password. This will then log you in to your client area Make sure to change your password then you can order VIP access or send us a support ticket and more.

You can find our current plans here if you are not currently a VIP member.

We are also working on bringing back the beloved VOD service all part of your VIP membership with us. Come see us for some great events and more.

Péntek, Október 21, 2022

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